Warm tamales just delivered from another neighbor.

So lucky to have a neighbor who is a hobby astronomer with good telescopes. He set up on the hill behind the high school and invited us and others to see the Jupiter-Saturn convergence. I saw Saturn’s rings and 4 of Jupiter’s moons lined up.

Turkey necks and wings have been roasted, and now are nestled in a pot of water for a 12-hour simmer in the oven at 200°F. Tomorrow’s stock will be Thursday’s gravy.

Internet restored after two days (since wire cut in construction mishap). Was very difficult to work by mobile hotspot. So gad to be back on the information superhighway.

In week two of a new job so not a lot of time to be online. Last night discovered the show Ted Lasso. Loving it. And we watched latest episode of This Is Us tonight. Feels good to laugh and cry.

Car Horns

Carrboro, North Carolina is celebrating the Biden/Harris win!

Carrboro, North Carolina is celebrating.

Stepped outside to blow the bubu shell (triton shell from South Pacific) to celebrate win by Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris.

Watched a crew building a new shed next to our house, found it astonishing how meticulous and efficient they were. Now making a cherry pie to celebrate democracy and satisfy my sweet tooth. Listening to Kurt Vile and John Prine (How Lucky). #mbnov

I have had an active summer with lots of running and I was feeling quite healthy. But I woke on this dreary, rainy fall morning with a throbbing left knee. Not sure what I did yesterday during yard work and walking the puppy, but darn it! #mbnov

Colors, seen on my way through Carrboro today.

My mouth is on fire! Made a batch of hot sauce this morning (jalapeño, habanero, Thai, ají, serrano sweetened with mango and pineapple and honey from a neighbor’s hive) and topped an omelet made with eggs from our backyard hens.

I have voted! I am thankful for democracy.

Saturday morning. Drove Ranger to get load of wood chips. Cleaned chicken coop. Watched a bit of Everton vs. Liverpool. At Oliver’s soccer game now. Beautiful day.

The Coconut Wireless: Hard floors

A microcast for a rainy Friday morning from my desk in the center of the house.

Stepping out of house for run to the coffee shop. Acorns are falling from the many oak trees, sometimes loud dings on aluminum carport. Crickets don’t seem bothered. Autumn day.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina (U.S.A.) at 1:40 p.m., 75°F. The swing is waiting for you. #adayinthelife

Went for a morning run along Chapel Hill’s University Lake. Mist over the water as a rower glided through, and golden leaves carpeting the path, a peaceful way to start the day.

Steady rains in Chapel Hill today, but I went out for an afternoon run nonetheless and had a good time with my thoughts.

“To be kind to others. To stand up, stand tall, and stand for something good.” Last few months have been particularly stressful, but I am on verge of a change to fix that. Saw this delicate mushroom out back and was reminded of life lessons past.

Monarchs visiting the flower garden.

The Coconut Wireless microcast for Sept. 28, 2020


Sitting at the kitchen island, updating my LinkedIn profile, watching EPL ⚽️, waiting for the county recycling center to open so I can drop a truckload of junk. Beautiful Sunday in North Carolina helping me balance these feelings of depression and desperation.