Raindrops and Turtles

Morning from Chapel Hill, North Carolina again, it’s Saturday, the fourth day of May 2024.

I am walking in the woods on our property.

We’ve had rain since last night and I thought I’d come out and see if I could find some box turtles.

Of course, 30 seconds after I started walking, I came across a male box turtle and I just posted a picture to micro blog, micro dot blog that is, and now I thought I’d come out here, walk into the woods and stop and record another 30 seconds or so of the cicadas that are up and above and doing their drone.

Pretty impressive.

Pretty amazing.

A lot, a lot of cicadas up there.

You can also hear the birds, the dripping of the raindrops.

I feel so lucky to be able to be healthy and get up and out, walk, have this property to enjoy.

I noticed a pretty cool set of mushrooms yesterday and then also right around the trunk of the oak tree where the mushrooms were was a, a strawberry bush native plant with really cool little yellow flowers.

I will post that picture to micro dot blog to have a great Saturday wherever you are.


Anton Zuiker @antonzuiker